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How to get rid of viruses

If you ask any virtual security expert, IT engineer or system administrator, he will tell you that our computers are dwelling in a very dangerous cyber environment today because of all the hackers working around the clock to come up with new strategies of infiltrating our machines and causing serious damage for their twisted fun or with the hopes of stealing our personal data and using it for their own good. The problem with viruses is that they are very unpredictable and you can never know for sure if you have one on your PC. Common symptoms of a virus infection include bad performance from your PC, files popping up out of nowhere or disappearing without a trace and last but not least strange behavior from your computer. If you are experiencing some of these behaviors from your PC you could start looking for virus protection reviews or asking yourself ” what is the best antivirus ” ?

Ok so let’s say now, for the sake of the example, that it is pretty obvious that you have an unwelcomed guest in the form of a cyber parasite on your PC. What to do? Well, there are some ways in which you can get rid of a virus manually without researching several virus protection reviews first. One of the first tricks that I want to teach you involves finding the virus file yourself. So, how do you do this ? Well, for example, if you have a virus that requires creating a separate process to do its malicious deeds all you have to do is identify this process and use it to find the virus itself. To do this right, first you need to open the task manager by pressing alt ctrl and delete at the same time and selecting the ” start task manager ” option from the menu you get. Now go to the processes tab and look around. If the virus has created a new process here you should be able to identify it by looking at the amount of memory used. Usually, malware will create new processes that put a lot of strain on your operating system and require a huge amount of resources. If you see something like this that looks suspicious but you aren’t quite sure what to make of it you should search the exact name of the process in a search engine and you will probably get a lot of information regarding it from virus protection reviews websites. After making sure it is actually a virus, all you need to do is right click the process and choosing the “open file location” option from the context menu. A new window will open revealing the virus file that you can now delete permanently.

Still, even if this works for many viruses I seriously recommend you read some good anti virus software reviews, decide upon and purchase a good anti malware solution because it will keep your computer clean with little effort required from you.


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